The Benefits of PTFE Coating You Should Know About

PTFE coating is something that is becoming more and more common and an industry standard as well. For those who do not know, one of the most common PTFE coatings happens to be Teflon coating that is common in pans that allow them to have their non-stick properties. However, this type of coating has a lot of other uses as well.

For instance, the PTFE and low friction coatings can be used in several different industrial applications thanks to their amazing properties that make them so good. Still, not many people know about these coatings and their wider uses. Keeping that in mind, we are going to focus on some of the benefits of PTFE coating that you should know about.

They Have Low Friction

One of the biggest benefits is that they have the ability to greatly reduce their friction. Plus, they can easily stay there under higher temperatures as well. So, if you think of oil and grease which will evaporate in higher temperatures, the PTFE coating can actually stay there and keep working as it is intended, making it one of the best types of coating available in industrial applications.

Great For Electrical Application

Another property that many people are unaware of is that PTFE surfaces come with a higher dielectric strength, their dissipation factor is lower, and the best part is that they are great for insulating. That is why they are used as protective coatings in most of the electrical applications around the world. The PTFE coatings can also be turned into conductive, and be used as antistatic coating should you wish to.

Needless to say, the uses of this type of coating are many and the applications are spread widely, to a point that you should not have any issues.