Living in a Dorm

If you are currently in college, you are either living in a dormitory, or you are co-sharing your apartment with a bunch of other people, and the former is more likely than the latter in this scenario. We all tend to label our dorm years as one of our best and worst years because there is a lot of adventures involved, and these adventures usually evolve into great stories for you to tell years down the line. It can also be considered a very difficult time because college involves most of us being sleep-deprived, running on caffeine and pulling all-nighters to submit assignments on time.

There is also the infamous college student diet which consists mainly of instant noodles and delivery/takeout. This diet is pretty bad because it serves no nutritional value, and you only end up gaining weight. Times have changed, and people have become more creative when it comes to improving their dorm life, especially in terms of the food experience. Thankfully, we now live in the age of the internet now, and we can easily look up different hacks and tricks that we can utilize as well.

If you buy a toaster, a microwave and a dorm room refrigerator, you can change things up exponentially in your dorm room. A fridge will allow you to store leftovers and fresh fruits and vegetables along with other healthy snacks that you can make in the dorm as well. This way you will not be spending a lot of money eating from outside, and you will feel more productive as well. Plus, any extra food that you have left can be stored in the fridge and then heated the next day, so nothing goes to waste, and your overall diet and mood stays much better and happier as well.