Internet Connected Toothbrushes: Has Technology Gone Too Far?

It’s true that we want to be online all the time, hence, we carry around our smartphones, a laptop or a tablet with us at all times so that we are able to stay connected. This is where tech companies have capitalized and then started creating different devices that can connect to the internet, this includes our television, leading to smart TVs, our refrigerators, home devices like Google Home and Alexa, and yes, you are reading this correctly, internet connected toothbrushes.

We have all seen the electric toothbrush since we were kids, and they have always been fascinating to us, but some companies have decided to take it up another notch by introducing internet and Bluetooth connected electric toothbrushes. If you still don’t believe me, or in case you want a review on these electric toothbrushes and what they are all about, you can check this very interesting article by Wolf Richter about his and his wife’s experience with these toothbrushes from start to finish.

Basically, there is a company that provides these brushes, and you are required to download an application which will allow you to be able to control the brush. Yes, you can manually turn the brush on and off like with every other electric toothbrush, but through the application, you are able to control and adjust its speed and intensity. The application also features things like reward points, giving you space to add in your dental insurance and so on. The creation of this brush really leaves one to question whether technology has gone too far and whether companies have gone too far when it comes to exploiting our dependence on the internet. Ultimately, you alone will decide what you think and how you feel about this product.