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How to Stain a Wood Deck

A stained wood deck requires regular maintenance, it must be maintained every 1 to 3 years because of constantly being exposed to weather. Here are some ways you can stain a wooden deck after it has been cleaned:

Stain And Brush

The use of oil-based penetrating or semi-transparent stain is recommended. For brushes, it is better to avoid polyester or nylon brushes since they do not go well with oil-based products. It’s better to use a high-quality natural china bristle brush.

Tools And Materials Required

You will need:

  • High-quality wood deck stain (preferably oil-based)
  • Quality brush
  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Paint pad and pole
  • Paint pad tray
  • Rubber gloves


Always start the staining process with the handrail so that there is no dripping on the finishes stain work. Be sure to get the edges and underside of the handrail.

Protect The Deck Surface

As you move to the staining of the deck surface, use a drop cloth under the stained pan and pad loading area, preferably a canvas drop cloth. A canvas drop cloth comes with a plastic or rubber lining in order to prevent any soaking through.

Staining of The Deck

The staining process can be done by using a pressurized sprayer, a brush or a large pad applicator. The pad applicator is considered the best choice as it provides an even coating of stain and covers large areas rather quickly. The only drawback is its lack of coverage in cracks between the decking boards in case you have a deck with large gaps.

Once you are done with the staining process your deck will be protected for the next 3 years. Be sure to clean your tools with paint thinner or mineral spirits and allow your deck to be dried for 24 hours.