How Many Categories Are Socks Divided Into?

After reading the heading of the article, you might be confused about the topic because how many categories can socks be actually divided into? The answer will surprise you because there are many other than just socks for men, women and kids.

If you want to get an idea, you can check out bamboo socks by pussyfoot and you will be pleasantly astonished. Socks are often divided into different categories according to the purpose they serve and yes, they serve more purposes than just providing warmth or a layer for when you want to wear shoes. There are two substantial categories but in them, you will find subcategories.

Socks For Activities

The first one that we would be talking about is different socks for different sort of activities. Socks serve a different purpose in each category like when you are running and hiking, you need socks that will really stick to your feet and will not slip around as that can easily result in injury. These socks are generally well fitted and made of light material so that they do not make the feet too warmth and most importantly, they absorb sweat well.

Socks For Health

Next come the socks that are particularly made for health but you might not find them everywhere. These socks are made for people who have diabetes or circulatory problem in their lower limbs which makes them perfect for old people. The tight elastic band is not found in these socks because the producers know that they create hindrance for circulation of blood, cause tingling sensation and often leave marks on the skin.

Socks For Comfort

These socks are made from wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo and other materials that provide warmth and comfort to the feet in every season.