How Many Categories Are Socks Divided Into?

After reading the heading of the article, you might be confused about the topic because how many categories can socks be actually divided into? The answer will surprise you because there are many other than just socks for men, women and kids.

If you want to get an idea, you can check out bamboo socks by pussyfoot and you will be pleasantly astonished. Socks are often divided into different categories according to the purpose they serve and yes, they serve more purposes than just providing warmth or a layer for when you want to wear shoes. There are two substantial categories but in them, you will find subcategories.

Socks For Activities

The first one that we would be talking about is different socks for different sort of activities. Socks serve a different purpose in each category like when you are running and hiking, you need socks that will really stick to your feet and will not slip around as that can easily result in injury. These socks are generally well fitted and made of light material so that they do not make the feet too warmth and most importantly, they absorb sweat well.

Socks For Health

Next come the socks that are particularly made for health but you might not find them everywhere. These socks are made for people who have diabetes or circulatory problem in their lower limbs which makes them perfect for old people. The tight elastic band is not found in these socks because the producers know that they create hindrance for circulation of blood, cause tingling sensation and often leave marks on the skin.

Socks For Comfort

These socks are made from wool, cotton, cashmere, bamboo and other materials that provide warmth and comfort to the feet in every season.

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4 Must Have Items to Revamp Your Fall Collection

While summer dresses and summer bodies hold plenty of appeal, fall and winter outfits have an appeal to them that simply cannot be outdone, their biggest allure is the sheer amount of variety that they offer. Gloves, hats, scarfs, long socks, you name it, this plethora of choice makes fall and winter a really fun time for fashionistas of all kinds, and for those people who are really crazy about what they wear, preparation time begins long before fall actually arrives.

With a ton of choices to go around, every fall outfit becomes highly customisable, allowing you to get creative and come up with styles that will look great on you and also reflect your personality, and thanks to the digital age, shopping for the right accessories has never been easier. Nowadays you can sit at home and brose through the countless stores on the internet that have already begun stocking up on winter and fall items, with a bit of time and patience, you are bound to find items that look great and are going to breathe new life into your winter wardrobe.

Let’s go through some awesome looking items that you can find online at the moment.

Mary Janes

These iconic looking shoes are loved for their simple and elegant look, take a look at any winter movie and you are bound to spot one character that wears a wooly sweater, thigh-high socks, a cute looking skirt and these shoes. They look amazing in black and can be hard to find at times since they get sold out pretty quickly, luckily, there are plenty of sellers on places like Amazon that have these shoes in abundance.

Sassy Mary Janes

If a simple Mary Jane is, well too simple for your taste then you could go for a sassy version instead. Sassy Mary Janes retain the elegance of their simpler version while taking things to the next level with a bit of added heel height. For anyone who wants that cutesy, traditional winter look, having a couple of Mary Janes is an absolute must.


When it comes to fashion, many women readily accept that they will have to sacrifice their comfort in order to look good, however, as long as you are creative enough then there are many ways in which you can look good while also feeling good. Overalls have been in style for quite some time, we just did not acknowledge them well enough before. A good pair of overalls will keep you warm, give you extra pockets, and go hand in hand with pretty much any casual top or sweater that you have.

Anti-Foot Blister Products

Speaking of comfort, winter shoes can do a number on your feet, the better they look, the worse they feel in most cases. Fortunately, with a bit of anti-blister product by your side, you can keep your feet safe from painful blisters, making your winter footwear all the more safer for your feet.

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5 Micro Trends That Are Really Worth Looking Into

Micro trends are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd without standing out too much at the same time, people who have a keen eye for fashion are pretty good at detecting these trends and making the most out of them before they become mainstream or die out. Apart from giving you an edge in terms of fashion, these trends are also more affordable than mainstream trends since they do not have as big of a demand in the market.

Basically, there are a number of reasons why you should really start looking into micro trends, they are bound to keep your sense of fashion fresh and impressive. Now let’s take a look at some micro trends that are currently leading this year’s winter line ups.

Puff Sleeved Dresses

Eye catching mini dresses look good by default (as long as you know how to wear them) and if you couple them with a puff sleeve look then you will find that the dress takes on a whole new level of class.

Now, there are a ton of options to go for in this micro trend, you can find neutral looking dresses that can be worn in casually, formally or even in a street fashion kind of way. A great thing about this particular trend is that it is versatile and flexible, meaning that anyone can mould it to meet their style.

Rectangular Buckle Waist Belts

Think that waist belts are a thing of the past? Thing again since they are back in fashion and look cooler than ever before now. The name of the game in this trend is rectangular buckles that give a clean and sleek look to your overall outfit. Whether you are going to the office, a corporate meeting or you want to impress people on a formal occasion, you cannot go wrong with a rectangular buckle waist belt.

Zebra Printed Knitted Tops

Snake motifs are really popular right now and leopard prints have been around for quite some time now, and recently, zebra prints have started to gain popularity as well. Their monochrome look has a great appeal to it and will be a great addition to any wardrobe that revolves around contrasting colours.

Statement Pearl Earrings

Metal and jewel earrings have their own appeal, but now pearl based statement earrings are making an entry into the trending list as well. The whole point of statement earrings is to make a statement, to look extra, and nothing says extra like big earrings with shiny and round baubles on them.

Yellow Trousers

Trousers are always coming and going out of fashion since they make such a huge impact on your overall look, and this time yellow trousers are all the rage; wide-legged, yellow trousers that are going to make you stand out quite a lot, but in a good way. You can chose to either go all out with a bright yellow or tone it down and stick to a more pale shade of yellow.


Fashion Trends That Are Going To Take Over 2018

A new year means a whole slew of fun fashion trends to try and to incorporate into your already fabulous wardrobe. What silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and concepts will reign supreme in 2018? And what sort of wardrobe updates do you need to do? Here’s what fashion experts expect to make the biggest splashes in the new year…