Where Is Cliff Castle Casino?

The second most popular of the Casinos in Las Vegas, The Cliff Castle Casino is located on The Strip just below downtown Vegas. It is a six hundred thousand square feet casino that is designed to look like many of the castles found in Europe as well as providing the same gaming benefits. The hotel overlooks Lake Mead and provides accommodations for over one hundred guests. If one were to spend a week at The Cliff Castle Casino, it would be hard to imagine living in any other hotel in Las Vegas.

The two story The Cliff Castle Casino is designed to look as though it is sitting on top of an island. There are two main floor levels that each have their own unique look. While on the first floor you will find the billiard tables and gambling tables while on the second floor you will find the very entertaining “board game” or “skill stop” machines.

The hotel itself has four hundred and fifty-eight full sized game rooms as well as over sixty gaming tables. These are spread out throughout The Grand Casino-an area that is approximately one hundred and fifty thousand square feet long by two hundred and twenty feet wide. The centerpiece of the hotel is the massive gaming floor itself, which is comprised of more than two thousand gaming tables. The hotel boasts one of the most impressive interiors anywhere in Las Vegas. Due to all of the wonderful amenities offered by The Cliff Castle Casino, many travelers are encouraged to stay as long as they want.

When reviewing the hotel reviews where is cliff castle, one might wonder why such a high number of guests find themselves often staying more than their intended time here. For this, it is suggested that a person look into the complimentary breakfast that is offered. This is not only a great way to make sure that one gets a quick jump start into the day, but it is also free. In addition to the free breakfast, the hotel offers a twenty-four hour room service that will be available seven days a week.

With all of these amazing amenities, it is no wonder that the Grand Casino boasts one of the best customer service records in all of Las Vegas. When one stays at the hotel, all of the gaming floor is completed with bright lights and loud music. In addition to the general gaming floor, the hotel offers a separate poker room, a blackjack room, a craps room, and a slot machine. All of these gaming machines are operational twenty-four hours a day. The hotel even offers an extensive children’s lounge, where children of all ages can relax without worrying about having to worry about their parents or grandparents.

No matter where a traveler wants to go while in Las Vegas, there is no question that there is a hotel in this wonderful city that will be perfect for them. One of the best features of this fabulous casino is that all of the guest rooms offer breathtaking views of the city. The hotel even has its very own outdoor swimming pool, so that those who want a little bit more relaxation can do so right on the property. All of these great features make the Grand Horizon one of the most amazing hotels in all of Las Vegas. Anyone staying at the hotel will truly have a memorable vacation.