The Cliff Castle Casino Concert Series

The Cliff Castle Casino Resort is a great venue for enjoying live rock concerts. It is also a great place to play slots or hold your own casino games while taking in the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. Live concerts at this facility are usually scheduled for Saturday nights. If you have never seen a rock concert at this venue before, you will soon realize that this is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

cliff castle casino concerts

What makes this concept unique is that guests are not allowed to gamble during their concert. However, there are several exciting slot tournaments held right on the spot in the Cliff Castle Casino’s poker room. The Cliff Castle Casino is an excellent gambling and live entertainment hub located right in Camp Verde, Arizona. Quick-paced tournaments quickly add to the excitement in the slots, and just as is the case at the other casino tables, all ages of players are generally welcome at the different casino tables.

There are seven different freeroll slots in the casino. The best way to get all seven points is to play in one of the three tournaments provided. Each tournament has its own slot machine dealer with a distinctive appearance.

The main attraction of the event is the live music performances by local and regional talents. The featured acts typically consist of local acts and bands that are known to be popular in the area. There are also some high profile musicians that have gained fans in their own right through the casino’s many live music concerts and performances. There are a couple of other attractions as well, including the “cliff hangers,” which are people who hold onto the winning symbols from the numerous free online slot machines. These individuals then hop onto the stage at the conclusion of the show to collect their prizes.

If you don’t want to watch the music performances, you can still partake in a few of the casino games. The “peg solitaire” is one game in which you choose random guests to act out the roles of three cards while you place the remaining deck of cards in front of them face down. One player is the “Wizard,” and the other two are the spectators. When the guests act out the scene, they pass a pile of cards to the Wizard, who then deals them out from the deck. The winners of this game receive a special prize, usually an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas.

In addition to the live entertainment provided by local acts and bands, there are several video slot machines located throughout the complex. These video slots offer more playing options than the regular slots do, but you’ll need to be careful when you pull the triggers. The game results are not shown to the players until the time for the payout has been reached. If you’re interested in trying your luck at video slot machines, the cliff castle poker room and all of its championship locations are a great place to test your luck.