The Case Of David Cliff Castle Casino Entertainment Accident Review

One of the most popular attractions in Bloomsbury, London is the Cliff Castle Casino. It has been there for nearly a thousand years. When Oliver Cromwell was touring England as Lord Protector, he stopped here and enjoyed the festivities, which included bull baiting and a huge celebration upon entering the castle. The sheriff of the sheriff and several of the sheriffs were killed during this traffic stop. Hence, it was transported to the location where it is presently located.

cliff castle casino entertainment

To this day, there are people who go to this location on occasion to enjoy the festivities that take place there. Many people like to stop by and take in the atmosphere. There are also people who use the opportunity to partake in some of the activities that take place there. This included bull baiting and other police operations. Unfortunately, this is where the story ends.

On this very special day in May, 2021, two investigation detectives from the Met detectives were notified by their boss, Detailed PSI Mark IV that they had a case on a sex offender that had lived at the address where the crime had allegedly occurred. Upon arrival at the scene, they had a feeling something wasn’t right. Upon further investigation, it turned out that the man that had lived in the home on the day of the alleged crime, David Cliff, had been convicted of gross misconduct in November of 2021. His bail terms had been increased to include the requirement to reside at the address where the crime occurred.

Immediately following this development, two detectives from the Met’s Detective Commanding Division were contacted. One of them, Todd Ballentine, was then assigned to the case and had been brought on board the cruise ship to assist detectives Todd Ballentine and Richard Spencer with the investigation. While aboard the ship, they contacted David Cliff and learned that he had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon – a shotgun. The detectives asked him if they could interview him on board, and were allowed to do so.

During the course of the interview, Detailed PSI Mark IV learned that the suspect had been convicted of battery on a person with a mental disability. He further learned that he had been transported to the where he was held in lieu of bond. It was learned that the felony charges were based upon an incident that had occurred while the suspect was intoxicated at another location. He had been arrested once before for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Once Detailed Psi IV returned to the cruise ship, detectives entered the casino and conducted their traffic stop. It was learned that the suspect had been drinking the day before he was arrested. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LMSD) and the FBI were notified of the incident. Todd Ballentine was interviewed and later released on bail. Richard Spencer was charged with second degree burglary and served two additional days in jail.