New Cliff Castle Casino Review

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New Cliff Castle Casino Review

The New York Times recently ran an article about the Cliff Castle Casino in North Carolina, and its new hotel. As one might expect, the article discussed the positives of the hotel, but the negatives were just as striking: the “uncomfortably close proximity of an elevator to a casino floor” and the “dearth of parking”. Let’s take a closer look at these concerns and some of the more positive aspects of the hotel.

In its opening months, the casino is expected to bring in a large number of players. As a result, the parking is a concern for those who are familiar with the casino. The Cliff Castle has not yet decided on whether or not it will have dedicated parking lots. This will likely be addressed once it has decided on a venue for its casino, however.

The elevator system was recently upgraded from an older model to one that features an integrated digital screen and LED lighting. This should improve the overall comfort of the guests who use it. The guests’ comfort is a key consideration, since the majority of these individuals are likely going to be new customers. Many people are familiar with the casino, having either visited it or heard of it. For this reason, the company is also considering offering discounts to these new customers.

The hotel will be located on a part of the property known as “The Strip”. This is the area that includes the main entrance to the casino as well as an area for dining and entertainment. This part of the property was formerly used for parking, but the parking lot now contains a covered patio area, which will make it more attractive to customers.

Another positive aspect of the New York Times report is that the hotel will be fully owned by the Cliff Castle Corporation. It is the company that is responsible for operating and maintaining the casino. This means that all profits will go directly into the pockets of the corporation, rather than into the owners pockets.

With this positive outlook, there is no wonder that the New York Times report about the new hotel is encouraging to those who want to invest in a new hotel. The positive aspects of the resort should help ensure that its customers enjoy their stay as much as possible. This is important for any business owner, and should be especially important for those who operate a casino.