Cliff Castle’s Restaurant Menu – What to Order at Cliff Castle

Cliff Castle is a famous Irish family-owned company that creates only the finest cuisine in Ireland. Their restaurants have more than 1000 restaurants spread all over Ireland. They offer a wide range of Irish menu items and many dishes that are created just for the company, though the success of their restaurants cannot be explained by only the number of restaurants they have.

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Cliff Castle Casino Restaurants offer full service dining options. They cater to a variety of tastes. For instance, Cliff Castle Casino Restaurants offers five classes of restaurants for the patrons to choose from which includes:

Grilled chicken: Deluxe, Tuscan, or Grand Style Buffet served with Fresh Fruit and Yogurt. Steamed, Brined or Fried. Guests can also opt to have their meal of choice of Seafood as a selection of specialties and serve it to themselves.

Blue Cocktail: A well liked drink that is served with fresh fruit. And you can order your favorite Blue Cocktail and have it come as an iced coffee. Or, you can order it with a lemon twist to make it a Sweet.

Prawn Cocktail: A Sautéed filet Mignon with Fennel Salsa, Summer Vegetables, and Garlic Artichoke Salad. This cocktail is great for the special occasions when you want to impress someone you care about.

Malacca: Guests can get something called the “salad of your dreams” by starting with fresh vegetables, eggplant and mango blended with a cream sauce. You can also order a simple handmade wrap for your meal, which is filled with nutritious vegetables.

Steak: This one is one of the best selections of steak on the menu. You can choose to eat a porterhouse steak, filet mignon or strip, serve yourself to yourself or choose from an assortment of finger food items to go along with your steak. The steak is cooked on a charcoal grill and the flavors will make your mouth water.

Sweets and Desserts: The atmosphere of the restaurants is not only great for food, but there are several other wonderful places to dine as well, such as a gourmet bakery, coffee shop, and ice cream parlor. There are also several excellent bars available in the restaurants that provide a variety of beverages. Cliff Castle has been offering great service and a fine taste for years.