Cliff Castle Casino Hotel – Verde, Arizona

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel Camp Verde AZ is a collection of luxury properties. The current owner and operator, Dick Russell, own over three hundred acres.

The Cliff Castle Casino Hotel in Verde, Arizona is located on the Verde River. It has an active lifestyle, including a marina, eight miles of riverfront access, and a fishing lodge, log lodge, and ferry service. The resort features two thousand four hundred feet of water frontage, sixteen pools, a 200-seat amphitheater, and eighteen miles of sandy beach.

Although the property is situated on the border of Baja California and Mexico, the casino hotel remains completely US owned. Visitors can drive into the gambling section of the Verde Valley, from San Diego, and then walk into the town of Capistrano Beach.

Capistrano Beach is easily accessed by an hour and a half commute and features a fun fair, casino, circus, five mile pier, golf course, pub, and the famous “Merry Olde Town” street. A simple picnic lunch can be enjoyed on the beach. As long as your license is current, you can spend the day and night lounging on the sand, watching the sun set and the sun rise, and enjoying the breeze off the Pacific Ocean.

When you’re not at the Cliff Castle Casino Hotel, you may want to take a trip to the historical museum of Cape Verde. Here, you can learn about the massive volcanic eruption that destroyed the town of Capistrano and bring a little piece of Verde’s history to life.

Another adventure to enjoy at the Cliff Castle Casino Hotel is hiring a vessel for a night cruise. Try your luck at sea on the Silver Wave, which docks at the Casino Hotel.

Today, the Capri Theater is showing movies in the traditional Merry Olde Town style. The old theaters used to show films of Verde, where the town was famous for its long evenings of dancing and gossiping.

Don’t forget your limo for a night cruise on the casino-hotel loop. The Sunlight Limo is located in the Plaza Inn, which offers complete service. You can continue your journey at the Casino Hotel.