Cliff Castle Casino Bowling Alley is the Best Bowling Alley in San Antonio

The Cliff Castle Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is more than just a casino. It is the epitome of all things classic and traditional, including an old time wooden bowling alley, a cool pool surrounded by lush greenery, and of course a great big screen TV for games and tournaments. That’s not all! We have live music three nights a week, and an awesome bar where you can enjoy your beverage without ever leaving the house. If you enjoy the thrill of the gamble and luck then this place is definitely for you. The Cliff Castle Bowling alley is sure to thrill all visitors to its wonderful establishment.

You have undoubtedly walked or driven by the famous Ca d’Zan from time to time, it has a very familiar look about it. But did you know that the location actually used to be a jail? In reality, the alley was used for convict labor and was known as a brutal place of imprisonment. However, today the great atmosphere of the alley is what draws people in every day.

There are three unique games at this establishment: Badminton, Floor Hockey, and Billiards. Each game is available throughout the year, and they are very fun to play! The badminton game is a great way to spend some downtime while you play a few games of billiards, and the floor hockey game offers you some great times in the sun when the weather is nice.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy gambling, billiards, or even just playing a good game of bowling, you are going to love the location. What’s great about this particular location is that there is no alcohol served. This allows parents to bring their kids and have a good time as well, since alcohol is definitely not allowed inside the bowling alley. It is also a great place for neighbors to gather and get-together.

For more excitement, check out the climbing walls. You will definitely get a thrill seeing them swing and whack their bags through the air as they reach higher into the air. The climbing wall also comes with a pit that is 18 inches deep. It’s one of the most exciting features of the Alley, and one that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Cliff Castle Casino Bowling Alley has several dining options available for those who are in the mood for a little food and a drink after a great game of bowling. There are plenty of tables available for dining with family and friends, as well as private tables for groups of people. There is even an indoor party room that offers video games, snacks, and drinks for any birthday, wedding, or other celebration. This is one of the best locations in the city for a bowling trip. With two lanes, two rooms, and plenty of family-friendly fun, you will want to plan your next visit to the Alley soon!