Cliff Castle Casino – A Lovely Hotel In Old Town

Cliff Castle Casino Hotel, Lahore is a building of the fourth class in Islamabad. It is located at Old Town, Pakistan. The hotel has been built with the theme of romance and adventure.

cliff castle casino new hotel

The casino on the top floor is known as Plaza of Romance. In fact, the casino is so popular that it was nicknamed as Plaza of Love by locals. This casino can be considered as the modern day queen’s castle. The hotel’s interior is very elaborate. The walls are lined with dazzling mirrors and have the feel of a maze inside.

Each floor of the Cliff Castle Casino is decorated differently. It is an exciting place to spend your holidays and spending time with your family. You may wish to take a holiday in this place and you will find an old world feel in the atmosphere. The hotel also has its own Spa.

The hotel offers some affordable and cheap rates for its guests. You may also find it useful if you book early. The hotel operates during days when the opera is performed. One day of the week is designated as the show time and you may find the guests roaming around in this grand setting.

You may visit the Cliff Castle Casino at any time of the year and all the time the hotel remains open for you. So it is convenient for you to visit it after the winter season is over. It is a place for you to experience the romantic love scene with your special someone. It also offers entertainment and relaxation of all kinds and you may also want to have some fun.

The old town of Islamabad is called Old Town because the area is so old. Some famous palaces are located here. The Cliff Castle Casino is located at the same place as the royal palaces. Some tourists say that the Palace is not actually a palace but a small mansion. It is well appointed and has rooms to suite all budgets.

One feature of the hotel is the presence of madrassas. It also has a spa where you can get spiced ayurvedic spa treatment. These services are provided for free to all the guests of the hotel.

You may visit the Cliff Castle Casino at any time of the year and get the unique experience of visiting the old town of Islamabad. You may find many old friends here and spend some time with them. You may also be looking for some cheap lodging for your holidays.